HBN Eckla-Eagle car door tripod

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Nature photographers use their own cars as hide; animals and birds are less afraid to them than to human beings. Having this in mind, we developed a lot of handy products to be used in the car. The rice bags give a lot of stability to the lens which allows you to easily take sharp pictures. Are you planning to staying for a longer period of time in the same spot or are you going for a specific goal to a certain place, than it is handy to have more stability and flexibility. Apart from the important advantages, the search and following of a subject with a rice bag does not go as easy as with a good tripod head.

The Eagle car’s door tripod is lightweight and it’s made of high quality coated aluminium which makes photographing from a car, a much relaxing experience resulting most probably in better photos. The design was developed to fit in most cars. Beware that there is an armrest where the vertical part of the tripod can rest on and that there is not too much suspension between the lining and the outside of the door. In case this last one the situation is, the place between can be easily filled.

Due to the vertical support on the door’s armrest, there is not a big load on the window itself and the whole tripod becomes very stable. In case you already have a tripod head with a standard 3/8 inch adjustment, then you could directly use it. You can decide where to put the tripod head in order to achieve the best balance possible. The tripod as a whole can be shifted in the direction of the window so you can always get a much comfortable posture.

ECKLA-Cardoor-lens-support,_HBN9435-WEB ECKLA-Cardoor-lens-support,_HBN9429-WEB
You can choose to attach it to the window or to the door’s frame.

We have actually also developed a special rice bag that perfectly fits the Eagle and can be attached very quickly with the use of straps. You can get more information in accessories.

The Eckla-Eagle gives a maximum in Flexibility and stability and as a result, you can totally concentrate yourself in taking sharper photos from your car.


Update: The Eagle is from now on being produced with a much thinner window connection and an improved tripod head making the whole tripod even more stable than it was before. Adjusted tripod mounting; never again missing knob and fully stability.

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