HBN camouflage Car curtain

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Many wildlife pictures are taken from the car; our mobile hide. Too often, however, you notice that the birds and animals flee as soon as you approach carefully and bring your car to a stop. Not that animals and birds are afraid of your car, no, they go because they recognize you as human in your car. We have also developed a solution for this; the HBN camouflage curtain.

You slide this curtain in front of your window so that the animals can no longer recognize you as human, while of course, you still have a good view of your subject.

For this purpose, the curtain consists of the conceivable camouflage fabric and is supplied with a simple hanging system that you can make yourself in your own car. The included suction cup is attached to your windshield so that the net can completely cover your window.

Note: Color and print may vary slightly due to small-scale production.

Top: 75 cm
Bottom: 145
Bevel: 145 cm

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