HBN Long trousers beanbag II

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The top product for Nature photographers is this long trousers beanbag II; more specific for long lenses. This beanbag has a hollow top side which give your lens a solid position and that helps you to make more sharp pictures; also with the longer shutter speed. 

The inside has an anti-slip material for a more stable location on the window or window-frame of your car. Two extra straps can be used to carry the bag. This model is also useful for shooting at ground level particularly because you can use it in reverse position.

Because of the increased volume we recommend to fill this bag with a rather light type of filling like buckwheat-flakes, bird seed or a similar material.

This product is the most popular beanbag in the Netherlands and Belgium for Bird photographers!

Size: 30 x 40 cm.
Please notice that in some photos shown, a large 800 mm is on display.

Note: We also have model I what is a bit smaller.

Note: Color and print can always vary slightly due to small-scale production.

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