HBN Quick camouflage poncho

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Han Bouwmeester comes up with something new again; the smallest, lightest and very effective form of camouflage for nature photographers. The HBN Quick camouflage poncho, the name was not chosen for nothing, is made in the shape of a rain poncho with hood and sleeves.

It is made of a very light and very natural net fabric which you can put on in no time and get started. The hood has a long lens pipe so you can easily hang it over lenses up to 800 mm. Because the special fabric is visible everywhere from the inside to the outside, because your eyes are close to the fabric, you will never have to worry whether the viewing window is in front of your face. After all, you can see through everything!

Because of the choices that have been made, you are very flexible, so the quick camo gives you the opportunity to move on foot while remaining fully camouflaged. Use it standing, sitting, lying with or without a tripod or strolling in the field; it will increase your chances of getting the photos you want!

Because of its very limited dimensions (packed only 25 x 25 cm) and its light weight of less than 600 grams, there is never a reason to go out without a form of camouflage. Hang it on your bag or on your belt and put it in the last open space in your travel suitcase! And as if that were not enough advantages, the quick camo is never too hot because of the open mesh.

The HBN Quick camo; another invention of Han Bouwmeester Nature Photography. Enjoy Wildlife!

Dimensions; folded: 25 x 25 cm, "One size" for short and tall photographers.

Weight: 600 grams

| Denise Kemler

I am a casual birder and photographer and did not want to invest in a tent or a huge heavy camouflage cover that especially in the summer is very hot. Protection from rain was not a consideration.
The Poncho is nice and lightweight and the net structure ensures air flow . This is really good because I am mostly walking or riding my bike. I am 1.75m tall and the Poncho has exactly the length I cover me completely without hanging too much on the ground. So walking with it is possible. You need to be a bit careful not to rip it when walking through brushes so I recommend to put the poncho on when you arrived at the location. I really like that it has real arms which makes movement and adjustments much easier. Also the long sleeve to hide the camera is open on the bottom side so you do not have to remove the whole Poncho und do it under the Poncho if you want to switch camera or lens. Overall my first impression is really good and I can't wait to use the Poncho more often and hopefully get some nice bird photos in more close up setting.

Thanks Denise for your nice review! And even more happy that you like the Poncho, Wish you nice time with it with good shots. Enjoy Wildlife!

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